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All our items can be created in:
- 800% silver: 800 parts of pure silver and 200 parts of copper;
- 925% silver: 925 parts of pure silver and 75 parts of copper.

All of our products are entirely handmade, from the first rough cast through to the final polish.


The sheet or disk is first pressed, by means of an oil-dynamic press, to create a cylindrical cast, of different sizes depending on the item to be created: this will facilitate the workmanship.
The sheet is then greased with an appropriate liquid, usually water or oil, to eliminate as much as possible the friction with the die.

The baking of the rough cast serves to heat the silver to make it more malleable. This operation is repeated many times during the creation of the item .

The rough case or the sheet are shaved, by means of a slab lathe to give the item the desired form.

The item thus created is then hammered entirely by hand, thus making it one of a kind, using special hammers and irons such as, for example, anvils.

Even the shaping is carried out entirely by hand. The style of the item is defined during this phase: this is done by giving the item a certain form, that is to say by shaping the sides, the backs and the bottom of the article.

A border or small details are applied to some items: this is done during the soldering phase by means of small silver rods.

The finished item is finally cleaned using brush polishing machines. This stage begins with cleaning brushes having hard bristles to remove the grease from the silver; a softer brush is then used to shine the item.

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