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Umberto Rasotto & C. Snc boasts a lengthy tradition and renowned reputation, arising from the care with which Umberto Rasotto began to create these unique objects.

In 1973, after 10 years of collaboration with a leading company in this industry, Umberto Rasotto began his own business, working right from the start with the largest Italian brass and silver companies.

The Company expanded in 1988: new, more modern, machines for the processing of silver were added.

In 1995 Umberto's son Alessandro joined the company which thereby became the present "Umberto Rasotto & C. Snc": following his father's precious teachings, he brought many innovations to the company.

Though remaining a small artisan company, "Umberto Rasotto & C. Snc" is proud to be one of the few companies still creating its products by hand from the rough cast, to hammering and moulding, up to the polish.

The silverwares produced by "Umberto Rasotto & C. Snc", in addition to being well-known and sold in Italy, is very appreciated even abroad, in particular in Germany, Portugal and USA.

"Umberto Rasotto & C. Snc" is located in the heart of the Veneto region, near Vicenza.

The company has a small internal showroom where it is possibile to admire a selection of their most particular objects.


Umberto Rasotto & C. Snc - Via G. Ferrari, 56 - 36100 Vicenza - Italy
Tel ++39 0444533119 - Fax ++39 0444241075
E-mail info@argenteriarasotto.com